Notice of Instrument of Dissolution and Appointment of Trustees and

Notice to Creditors to prove Debts or Claims


Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 115 of the Building Societies Act 1965, on the 18th of April 2013, not less than three fourths of the members of the Society holding not less than two thirds of the number of shares in the Society, signed an Instrument of Dissolution pursuant to Section 115 of the Act and appointed Paul Graham Sargison, Chartered Accountant, and Simon Dalton, Chartered Certified Accountant, both of Auckland, as trustees to oversee the dissolution.


The undersigned does hereby fix the 27th of May 2013 as the day on or before which the creditors of the company are to prove their debts or claims and to establish any claim they may have to priority to or security over the assets, or be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before the debts or claims are proved, or as the case may be, from objecting to the distribution.



Paul Sargison

Joint Trustee



                        P O Box 3015, Auckland 1140

New Zealand

                        Email: info@gerryrea.co.nz

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Kiwi Deposit Building Society is a New Zealand non-bank financial institution incorporated under the Building Societies Act 1965. We are not a registered New Zealand bank. When issuing securities, Kiwi Deposit Building Society limits its offers to professional investors and other persons specified by section 3(2)(a) of the Securities Act 1978.