Kiwi Deposit Building Society privacy policy

The Kiwi Deposit Building Society takes privacy matters very seriously. Information pertaining to our clients and partners is securely stored and only released if and as required bu law in the relevant jurisdiction.
We will only collect, process and store information about you that we have openly collected from you or we have openly collected from you with your consent. In addition to this we log your IP address which is automatically recognised by our Web Server.

We will only collect information that is relevant to providing our online service. We will keep your information while you have a relationship with us, and for any retention period that we are legally required to meet. If, to provide this service, we need to transfer your information to another company, we will tell you beforehand. If you use standard e-mail for communication with us, the information will not be protected in the same way and you should be aware that we cannot guarantee that it remains confidential whilst in transit. All e-mail sent to us will be monitored and checked to ensure our systems operate effectively. This privacy policy only covers websites and direct email exchange. Links within this site to external websites are not covered by this policy. Please note that any changes that we make to this policy will be communicated electronically on the home page of this site and not by individual written communication.

How we use your information:


A cookie is stored by your web browser in a text file on your computer with the word 'cookie' in its name. Each time your web browser requests a page from our web server, the cookie's message is sent back. Only our web server may read the contents of a cookie you accept from us.
When we use a cookie for this purpose, we do not record any information that will uniquely identify you. We aggregate the information from a very large number of users of our website to give us an overall picture of how people interact with our site.

Browser or Web Browser

There are many web browsers but the most common ones are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Web browsers are used to locate and display web pages.

IP (Internet Protocol)

All networks connected to the Internet speak IP, the technical standard which allows data to be transmitted between two devices. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is responsible for making sure messages get from one computer to another and that the messages are understood.

IP Address

When you are connected to the Internet you have an IP address. It may look something like this -

If you are a dial-up customer using an analogue modem or ISDN, your IP address will usually change each time you connect to the Internet. This means that you cannot be uniquely identified by your IP address.

Kiwi Deposit Building Society is a New Zealand non-bank financial institution incorporated under the Building Societies Act 1965. We are not a registered New Zealand bank. When issuing securities, Kiwi Deposit Building Society limits its offers to professional investors and other persons specified by section 3(2)(a) of the Securities Act 1978.