Currency Trading

Kiwi Deposit Building Society provides clients access to our professional Currency Trading Platform. This can be used for trading a number of futures, options and currency crosses.

If you would like to open a 30 day free Demo Account, it is required that you open an online account with Kiwi Deposit: Please click on the button "Registration" below and register. The field "Currency trading Demo" will be pre-marked. We will send you an email with a link to the email adress you provide in the registration. By clicking this link you can download the Demo to your desktop. We will also send you forms required to be filled in, signed and returned to us, should you wish to activate the Demo Account into a Live Account.

When you want to proceed with a Live account, the registration has already been completed and all you have to do is transfer a minimum of NZD 25,000 or equivalent in USD or EUR to the account number provided in the email (this is a Kiwi Deposit Trust Account. All details needed to initiate the transfer will be in the email that also contains the link to the Demo.

In case you do not which to proceed with a Live Account, the data that you enter in the registration form will be kept strictly confidential and will be deleted after 30 days.

Kiwi Deposit Building Society is a New Zealand non-bank financial institution incorporated under the Building Societies Act 1965. We are not a registered New Zealand bank. When issuing securities, Kiwi Deposit Building Society limits its offers to professional investors and other persons specified by section 3(2)(a) of the Securities Act 1978.